Thank you to all who took part in the divot filling event on Monday evening.

Collectively, we used over one ton of material and filled over 1500 divots.

We filled divots on holes 1, 2, 6, 12 and 18. We ran out of time and material to do more but there is plenty of work left to do. To all of our membership, please ensure that you have a full bottle of divot mix before your round and please fix every divot you create as well as another divot.

I am very proud of our Men's Club for taking the time to help to improve our course conditions.

Thank you also to Vance Levin for giving us access to the course and for volunteering his time in taking part in the event. Vance was out there with the rest of us, filling divots and helping to improve course conditions for the rest of us.

Thank you to Course Superintendent, Hidalgo for preparing the ton of seed mix for us and giving us the chance to help with course conditions in our small way.

Lastly, thank you to: Tommy Scanlan, Tommy Scanlan Jr., Ralph Vitti III, Brian Farrell, Phil Strausberger, Dennis Dahm, Dave Chilenskas, Ken Considine, Canio Carlucci, Eric Schneible, Lou Malizia, John O'Kane, Vic DeFelice and Rob Colucci for taking part in the event.

The time you took out of your day to take part in this event is greatly appreciated!!