The spring has been beautiful and our Course Superintendent, Hidalgo, has the course in excellent shape. As a result, we are switching to Summer Rules effective immediately.

You are still permitted to lift, clean and place in the bunkers as there are still no rakes available.

There are a few areas out on the course that may be deemed to be "ground under repair". One place that comes to mind as an example is the area at the bottom of the hill on right side in front of the green on 12 where balls continually come to rest when missing the green short. If you and a playing partner (WHO IS A FELLOW MEMBER OF THE MEN'S CLUB) agree that your ball is in an area that should be deemed to be ground under repair, you are entitled to free relief from the area and may take a drop, that is completely clear of the area, at the nearest point of relief and no closer to the hole.

Please note, your nearest point of relief may be behind a tree, in the rough or some other undesirable place. You may want to think twice about requesting relief.

Also note, divots do NOT count as ground under repair. That is unfortunately the rub of the green and you must play the ball where it lies.

Lastly, please note that you are required to play with another Men's Club Member when posting your name for a weekly event. If you are not playing with any Men's Club Members during a particular round, you are not eligible to play in the weekend event on that day.

Thank you all and Play Well!!