Men's Club Season Opens Tomorrow!!

Hi Everyone!!

The Men's Club season opens April 1!!

To start the season, I want you all to be aware of the following:

You must be playing with at least one other member of the club in order to qualify for any event.

At the end of your round, you must input your hole by hole score on the scoring sheet and input your total score in the computer inside the clubhouse or through the MGA or USGA app.

Failure to both input your score on the scoring sheet and in the computer or app will disqualify you from the event.

Blue Tees are the standard tees for all Men's Club Events, including weekend events. Seniors may play from the White Tees.

Winter Rules are in effect until further notice. This means lift clean and place your ball if you are in your own fairway within one club length of its original spot but no closer to the hole. Everywhere else you play the ball as it lies.

In the bunkers, since there are still no rakes provided, you may lift, clean, smooth out and place the ball back in the bunker within one club length of its original spot.

Best of luck this year and I look forward to seeing you out on the course!!