Letter From the President


Hello Everyone,

It is my honor to lead the Hubbard Heights Men’s Club as President for the 2019 Season.

The Board and I have worked very hard over the past several months to create some positive changes in the club in order to enhance our membership experience and increase participation within the club.

Among the changes is the launch of our new Website under our own domain name. Among other things, the Website contains information about the club, a calendar of our events and a link to pay your annual dues online. We have also created a new Facebook Page (@HubbardHeightsMC), Twitter Feed (@hubbardheights), Instagram account(hubbardheights) and email address ( We encourage all of you to submit photos and ideas that may be shared in our social media accounts. The website has blog capabilities and I would encourage you to submit proposed blogs to us for publishing.

The additions of our social media accounts and new website have created a need for a new leadership position within the Club. To that end, we are looking to add a Social Media Director to the leadership council that will be able to manage the media in our accounts. Anyone interested in the position please email us at or contact one of the officers directly.

We have added some new events to our weekend events list which we hope will enhance your weekend golf experience. Please look out and sign up for our newest event, MASTERS CHALLENGE. This is a cash event where you will pay a $10 entry fee and choose a player that is playing in the Masters. Your entry must be in prior to playing your weekend round and no later than 5:00 PM on Saturday, April 12, 2019. The score of your chosen player’s Sunday round is combined with your net score on your weekend round. The lowest combined total will take 50% of the cash total with the remaining 50% going towards the club.

Lastly, you should have noticed that we have been soliciting sponsors for certain items such as team shirts and website construction and maintenance. Our plans are to continue to expand sponsorships into other areas of the club in order to increase club revenues and improve the club’s fiscal health. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact one of our officers directly or contact us at our website referenced above. To that end, I would encourage you to give our sponsors an opportunity to earn your business when shopping for goods or services sold by that sponsor. Admittedly, my insurance brokerage business was a shirt sponsor last year and sponsored the costs of creating the club’s website. While I would certainly appreciate your business, the purpose of encouraging you to solicit our sponsors has more to do with the other sponsors than with me. The annual attraction of sponsors helps us to control membership dues and will allow us more freedom to increase services offered by the club. Our sponsors have selflessly donated money to help this club financially and it would be appropriate to show our appreciation by patronizing their businesses. If you see a name on a shirt, website, banner or tee stone, please consider that company when shopping for an item or service.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter and I welcome your comments and suggestions. I look forward to a fun-filled and competitive 2019 golf season and best of luck and health to you all.


Bob Judge


Hubbard Heights Men’s Club